Sunday, May 13, 2012

World Record Online Hypnosis Attempt

Chris Hughes pic
Chris Hughes
There are challenges of any kinds out there but this one is pretty interesting. On 4th January 2010, UK based hypnotist Chris Hughes  was planning to put Facebook & Twitter's users into a state of hypnosis live and online; unfortunately, due to legal concerns, Chris had to abandon his plans. 

But what would happened if he did? 

He had planned to use a live web-stream to simultaneously hypnotise over 10,000 people. Now, visualize 10,000 people stuck to their chairs, literally glued to their PCs. Hughes explained that legal advice strongly prevented him from keeping with the original plan. Twitter was bombarded with angry messages. 
So instead, Chris offered a MP3 download to everybody. Me and a few of my friends were eagerly waiting for the MP3 release day. As most of the people, we also wanted to be hypnotised and forget it all.  Me and a friend downloaded the MP3; long track, about 40 mins long. But all I remember is someone saying  to me "imagine climbing up the stairs very slowly, imagine finding a door at the end of the staircase..."and the then puff! I don't remember :) 

Of course we did not get hypnotised, we were just very very very relaxed. 

Even though Chris did not make it, I think this would have been a really interesting challenge. Chris,  are you sure you cannot do this from the Cayman Islands or even better from a boat on international waters?


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