Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kofting - The New Craze of the Rich and Famous

New York – After Planking, milking and porting, the new craze is kofting. Unlike other recent crazes, köfting, which consists of placing a raw köfte (a meat ball) over an opponent’s eyes, has deep historical roots, having been practised in Turkey and other regions of the Ottoman Empire, since the 16th century.

Köfting was first adopted by Yavuz The Strong (1512-1520) who köfted King James V of Scotland (1513-1542) during an official visit to Istanbul, as the Scottish King refused to pay for a modest fish dinner and tried to nick a golden fork, but was caught by the attentive eye of Yavuz the Strong, who pinned the drank Scottish overlord to the table and proceeded to place a raw köfte (the first he could find) in the right eye of the Scottish monarch.

Raw Kofte
Never Leave Home Without a Raw Kofte in Your Pocket!
According to craze expert – Donald Pump of Trendy Mingling, a NY consulting firm– “Köfting is really upping the game here; it is not like planking of milking; I mean, it is not a solo action, it’s a way to challenge someone you don’t like, to truly humiliate your opponent. And it seems to be extremely popular with celebrities; it’s like the Roll-Royce of crazes”.

Just a couple of days ago in Manchester,  Tom Cruise, in the UK to promote his new movie, reportedly kofted a paparazzi who was trying to take the picture of him while he was taking a wee in the Cock and Bottle, an historical Manchester pub.

Popular amongst the stars, popular amongst the rich and powerful. According efinancialcareer.com, two weeks ago, Robert Kindler (55), head of Morgan Stanley M&A department , köfted in a fit of rage a young Goldman Sachs associate who had failed to bend over during a business card exchange with the CEO of an important Japanese client (bending over is an respectful action during business cards exchange in Japan).

According to John Rizzo, a motivational speaker in Nevada “What I find sincerely strange is that big shots regularly carry around raw meat balls in their pockets. I mean, would really leave your your flat in the morning with raw meat in your pocket ?”

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